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UT industrial robot controller is a mid-industrial controller designed and developed in Robotics and AI Lab, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran during Jan 2002-March 2004 by a team of faculties, experienced graduates from robotics and AI field, and graduate students. Benefiting from Industrial PCs and an original open architecture for software and hardware design, UT-controller is an advanced, open, modular, extendable, and up to date robot control system.

UT-Programming language and the novel design of programming and teaching environment help ordinary and advanced users to develop, debug, compile and run their control programs conveniently on the teach pendant or on PCs and run them on UT-Controller using Internet connections. In addition, advanced features of UT-Editor such as auto-complete, text highlighting, and auto indentation make UT-controller programming a joyful experience. Moreover, UT-teachpendant is based on industrial touch screen and .NET technologies and can be graphically tailored to user specifications.

UT-Controller is originally designed for controlling 6-DOF industrial robots with two extra axes. But, thanks to modular design of hardware, use of FPGA-based interface technology, and devised advanced path and motion planning techniques, UT-Controller can be also used to control high degree of freedom robots.

Main Features
  • Industrial PC-based open architecture
  • RT-Linux for control system and Windows XP for teach pendant
  • Supporting main industrial Controller features including Point-to-Point, circle and line following, path approximation, and advanced run.
  • Touch-screen and software-based teach pendant
  • Easy programming, teaching, and monitoring at command and signal levels using an innovative teach pendant
  • Easy to use IDE based on .NET technology
  • Modular hardware
  • No hardware and software limit on the number of joints
Other Features
  • FPGA-based interface with robot and peripherals on ISA bus
  • 12 bits, 8 channels, 8KHz sampling A/D for analog feedback signals
  • Vector control for brushless AC motors
  • 3PH 200/220 50-60 Hz 5KW power input
  • IGBT-based drivers technology with max 400V, 50Amp, and 100Amp models
  • Drivers with current, voltage, temperature, and short circuit feedback
  • Over current and over temperature protection and fault announcement and masking in the drivers
  • 12 bits resolvers at 8KHz sampling rate

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