Dynamic object manipulation and running (Back)


We are interested to look at the Dynamic Biped Walking problem (DBW) – which is some kind of running in our study- via the window of Dynamic Object Manipulation problem (DOM). There are two similarities between dynamic walking and dynamic object manipulation:
  1. There is a relative motion between two frames. In DOM one frame is on manipulator and the other one is on object. In DBW one frame is on robot and the other one is on the ground.
  2. In both problems, moving mechanism (object in manipulation and robot in running) loose its contact with supporting mechanism (manipulator in manipulation and ground in running.
 Knowing above similarities, some reasons have driven us to look for such view:
  1. Dealing with DOM problem is easier than working with DBW.
  2. DOM process is more comprehendible than DBW.
In this research we study dynamic object manipulation from planning and control points of view. We also model running in the framework of dynamic object manipulation and tailor our findings on dynamic object manipulation to control running robots.




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